Mccb 4 Phase (4Pole) 25Ka Hager Rating 16A-100A Type X160

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16 Mar 2023
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Mccb Function Is As The Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers.

Rating 16 A Type Hha017p, Rating 20A Type Hha021p, Rating 25A Type Hha026p

Rating 32A Type Hha033p, Rating 40A Type Hha041a, Rating 50A Type Hha051p

Rating 63A Type Hha064p, Rating 80A Type Hha081p, Rating 100A Type Hha101p

In Choosing A Circuit Breaker Of Things That Should Be Considered Are:

The Characteristics Of The System In Which The Circuit Breaker Is Installed.

The Need For Continuity Of Service Of An Electrical Power Source.

The Rules And Standards In Force Protection.

Characteristics Of The System

1 . System Voltage

Operating Voltage Of The Circuit Breaker Must Be Greater Or Equal To The Minimum Voltage Of The System .

2 . The Frequency Of The System

Rated Frequency Of The Circuit Breaker Must Be In Accordance With The Frequency Of The System . Merlin Gerin Circuit Breakers Can Operate At A Frequency Of 50 Or 60 Hz .

3 . Rated Current

Rated Current Of The Circuit Breaker Must Be Adjusted To The Size Of The Load Current Which Is Passed By Cable , And Should Be Smaller Than The Threshold Current Is Allowed To Pass On The Cable .

4 . Breaking Capacity

Breaking Capacity Of The Circuit Breaker Shall Be At Least Equal To The Prospective Short Circuit Current Which May Occur At Any Point In The Installation Where The Circuit Breaker Is Installed .

5 . Number Of Poles Of Circuit Breaker

6 . The Number Of Poles Of The Circuit Breaker Is Dependent Upon The Grounding System Of The System .

Continuity Needs Resources

Depending On The Level Of Continuity Of Service Requirements Of Power Resources , The Selecting Circuit Breakers Must Be Considered :

1 . Discrimination Breakaer Total Of Two Circuit Placed In Series .

2 . Discrimination Is Limited ( In Part ) , Discrimination Is Only Guaranteed Up To A Certain Level Of Fault Currents .

Product Specifications Hager H3 Mccb Series Frame Type: X160

- Easy To Install

- The Setting Is Simple For Maximum Installation Efficiency

- Calibration Temperature: 50C

- Breaking Capacity: 25Ka (400/415 V Ac)

- Icu = Ics = 25Ka

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